Listen and download your favorite music, anywhere and anytime, from your Android device!

uSound Ares is an application developed by Lowlevel Media that allows to play and download, through streaming and totally for FREE, a wide collection of MP3 music available from various providers (see legal notice).

Listen your songs anywhere, at any moment, in an easy and intuitive way.


✔ Play any song through streaming using 3G or WiFi connection.
✔ Download songs directly to your device’s external storage.
✔ Move between the different sections using the tabs and gestures system.
✔ Add your preferred songs to favorites to have them easily accesible.
✔ Play your favorite or downloaded songs in an easy way.
✔ Share your songs with your contacts easily.
✔ Limit the search results count to reduce the data total usage.
✔ Set the downloaded songs as ringtone.
✔ Only ICS/Jelly Bean/KitKat: Pause and/or forward songs from Android notifications.

Thanks to:

Romain (le_butch), Scognito, @imaycon

FAQ Legal Notice
  • hggeidgcc

    This app won’t find anything. It always and I mean always says no results or an error occurred

  • Dotun Fakeye

    it is so easy for hackers to hack the usound music application…illuminati hacked the application on my cellphone…i download non-played music virus instead of music track all the time

  • tekah

    How to move songs to my SD card on my mobile phone

  • dan gnex

    Usound doesnt work since update was great app now update ruined it, get NaN when trying to download any music.

  • Jose Escobar

    Nice app

  • MusicLover

    I can usually find the songs I love. But after i download them the artists name changes to Chinese. If you try to change the name to English the song is corrupted and stops playing

  • andrs

    Acabo de actualizar ese u cinema y no puedo reproducir ningún vídeo

  • Bryan

    Worked great before the recent update now it finds song but will only play or download them when I am on WiFi

  • John

    It’s not on Google play a anymore

  • Jess

    This app is just what I was looking for! Would like to be able to create playlists though. Maybe it can be implemented later down the road?

  • karina

    Will this harm my computer