Do you want to send all kind of emoticons and memes to your WhatsApp contacts?

WhatsApp Memes is an application designed to send custom emoticons to your contacts from WhatsApp, Line, Facebook and other messaging applications.

Its usage is very simple! The instructions below can be applied to any messaging system. Currently the application has been tested with WhatsApp, Line, Facebook and Skype with positive results.

Don’t wait anymore! Send new emoticons and all memes to your friends and acquaintances.


  1. Select the attach option.
  2. Select the option to take a picture from the camera (in some applications you can select the option to pick a photo).
  3. In the application list that is shown select “WhatsApp Memes”.
  4. Select the desired emoticon to send.
  5. Et voilà!

(if you need help with WhatsApp, Line or Facebook check the available screenshots)