Do you want to play and download video links in your Android device?

Vidownload is an app that allows to play and download video links, quick and easy! You just have to follow these steps:

  1. Grab the video link you want to play 1.1 Paste it in the app 1.2 Or just press on it and choose to open it with Vidownload
  2. Select the video quality (if possible)
  3. Select the desired action (play, play with Chromecast, download…)
  4. All ready!

Supported hostings

  • ✔ AllMyVideos
  • ✔ ClickToVideo
  • ✔ NowVideo
  • ✔ PlayedTo
  • ✔ StreamCloud
  • ✔
  • ✔ And 160+ more hostings!!