Do you want to play, download and/or record video streams in your Android device?

Vidownload is an Android app that allows you to do all this, in a quick and easy way! You just have to follow these steps to start:

  1. Grab the video link you want to play
    • 1.1 Copy it and then paste it in the app
    • 1.2 Or just press on it and choose to open it with Vidownload
  2. Choose the preferred video quality (this is only available for some links)
  3. Select the desired action (play, download, record, Chromecast, DLNA...)
  4. All ready, enjoy!


  • ✔ Play videos with the embedded native player
  • ✔ Download videos directly to you device's storage
  • ✔ Record live streams to watch them later
  • ✔ Support for many video formats
  • ✔ Support for many video hosts
  • ✔ Cast videos to your TV with Chromecast or DLNA
  • ✔ Embedded web browser to easily intercept videos
  • ✔ And much more!